Theory and Practice

Ingenieurgesellschaft Hartmann mbH worked closely with the software firms Nemetschek and RIB from 1998 to 2009 to develop and introduce BIM technology in tendering, award of contract, and settlement of accounts.

Up to 2008, our firm used Allplan from Nemetschek for planning and prepared our tendering documentation, along with quantity determination based on the Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations, with Allright | BCM by Nemetschek. Further processing – meaning calculations, award and controlling – was then performed by Arriba/iTwo by RIB, which is popular in Germany.

With the founding of hartmann technologies mbH in August 2009, our influence increased with regard to the development and introduction of BIM technology for tendering, awarding and accounting, in line with market conditions, in Germany. Standalone tendering, awarding and accounting software with truly working model-based quantity determination, based on Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations, was developed and used on a daily basis.

In 2014, hartmann technologies mbH was acquired by NEVARIS Bausoftware GmbH NEVARIS Bausoftware GmbH, and its expertise became the heart, and calculating engine, of the tendering, awarding and accounting software, NEVARIS BUILD NEVARIS BUILD.

Through our cooperative partnership with NEVARIS Bausoftware GmbH NEVARIS Bausoftware GmbH, we continue to contribute to ensuring the software’s development along practical lines and its efficient operation. Of course, this cooperation also contributes to the fact that we can also meet our corporate goals as a medium-sized planning office.