Detailed Engineering

Tangible Realisation of Visions and Ideas 

Economic efficiency and sustainability of a project are strongly influenced by pragmatic and bespoke detail work with simple approaches to solutions.

Years of experience in dealing with this very topic, our large pool of well-functioning detailed solutions and our creativity in dealing with specialist knowledge and rules are the basis of our planning services.

In conjunction with the coordinated integration of specialist planner contributions at all times, you can expect us to provide you with an execution plan that describes the construction target in full and forms the basis for smooth construction.

Of course, we also develop the implementation planning in a model-based way and can fall back on many years of experience in handling and integrating specialist planner information (BIM Model).

Our Services:

  • Creation of detailed execution plans (floor plans, views, sections at 1:50 scale)
  • Detail drawings (1:10 to 1:20 scale) of designs necessary for construction
  • Room type book for the area trades
  • Lists of doors
  • Wall overview plans for drywall walls
  • Ceiling overview plans of all floors as a basis for overall planning
  • Integration/coordination and/or examination of the documents of those involved in the planning process
  • Geometrical collision check of contributions from planning participants (Collision detection)