Our Company’s Goals and Strengths


Continuity = Strength

Our aim is to secure and constantly expand our competencies in model-based, interdisciplinary planning. The focus is always on our efficiency, the accuracy and traceability of the documents as well as the consistency of our planning.

We would like to advise our clients in a target-oriented and competent manner and achieve that with our planning and organisational services:

  • What is to be built is planned,
  • What is to be built is what was planned,
  • Do not go over budget, and
  • Stay on schedule.



Strength = Continuity

  • A dedicated management team that is committed to constant further development
  • Expert team and project directors with the ambition to do their jobs to the best of their abilities
  • Creative planners with technical and financial expertise
  • Several years of experience in tendering and awarding construction contracts
  • Experienced, competent and assertive construction managers
  • Several years’ experience in model-based work (since 2002)
  • Ensuring high quality through structured and well-organised working methods with robust quality assurance measures
  • Network of model-based working partners in structural and building systems engineering planning